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As a non-profit organization, volunteers are at the heart of everything we do. Join our mission and enrich the lives of kids across Nigeria and sub-Saharan Africa by introducing them to powerful new technologies and giving them the confidence to build a better future.

The best part of being a volunteer? You’ll learn just as much from the kids as they’ll learn from you.
Get involved and see the impact one hour of volunteering a week has on kids in your community.

What does it take to get involved?

  • One hour per week
  • Recommended 8 week commitment
  • An interest in helping children aged 7 - 14 develop their digital skills
  • No coding experience required


Step 1: Find a community venue to host the club
Step 2: Click below to register your club
Step 3: Host one session a week yourself using our step-by-step projects
Step 4: Request volunteers when you register
Step 5: We will match you with a volunteer near your club

Start A Club

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Step 1:Click below to sign up
Step 2:Apply for your background check — we will guide you through the process.
Step 3:You’ll be matched with a club near you
Step 4:Meet the club organizer and prepare the materials for the club
Step 5:Host one session a week using our step-by-step projects


Thank you for your interest in volunteering with Code Club Nigeria! It's thanks to people like you that kids across Nigeria will be equipped with the skills necessary to thrive in a digital world. Please note: All volunteer positions are done in accordance with the policies of your venue. See more info below for General Guidelines and best practices about being a code club volunteer.
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Information for Volunteers

To volunteer at a Code Club you need to

  • Be available for up to one hour a week to help with a Code Club session in a local school, library or community venue

  • Commit to volunteering for at least one school term (12 weeks)

  • Have time to prepare for the Code Club session. This may include organising, printing resources and completing the project you will be doing with the children in advance

  • Be happy to collaborate with the contact at the venue to make the club run smoothly

  • Be confident with computers. You don’t have to be a coding genius, most clubs start with simple programs like Scratch, but you need to be willing to learn

Please note: unfortunately we cannot cover expenses for our volunteers. You are not allowed to charge for your club. Code Club is always free for children to attend.

How Code Club supports you

  • Someone from the venue will be with you throughout the sessions

  • We provide great projects for the children which are step by step guides for creating games, animations and websites

  • Free online or face to face training sessions to get you started

  • We organize regional meetings to exchange experiences between volunteers and local activities

How Code Club can help you

  • We create and make available the teaching materials that are step by step guides for creating games, animations and websites

  • We provide free support to the use of teaching materials and other guidelines to the volunteers in the day to day of the sessions of the clubs

  • We provide documents and presentations to assist with meetings with directors and site managers who can host new Code Clubs

Benefits for you

  • You will play an important role in helping children develop skills that will not only help them learn how to code, but also in the development of computational thinking, problem solving, planning, design, and collaboration

  • The competencies performed with Code Club will help make your curriculum even more attractive

  • If you are starting to learn how to program, joining a Code Club will be a fun way to practice your coding skills

Why Volunteer?

  • Running a club takes just 1-2 hour a week per venue, so it’s easy to start supporting young people in your community

  • No previous coding experience is needed

  • You’ll gain great volunteering experience and transferable skills

  • As you work through the curriculum you can develop your own coding abilities

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